About Apex Lawns of Little Rock

Professional Lawn Services in Central Arkansas

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our local Central Arkansas lawn care company. Apex Lawns of Little Rock is a labor of love. We’re a small local business that’s owned and operated by native Arkansans. We have deep roots in the area, are active community members, and love making our local communities look great.

A Little Bit About Us

The Apex Lawns team has deep roots in the Central Arkansas lawn care industry. Our team members have served residents and business owners in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Maumelle, and Saline County for over a decade. Apex Lawns was created to provide a level of service we noticed many customers were seeking. We set out to fill in all the gaps other companies couldn’t fill. We excel in consistent high-quality customer service, flexible custom pricing, and extra focus on the little things that make all the difference

A team of professional lawn care technicians from Apex Lawns standing in front of a fully-equipped work trailer. The technicians are dressed in matching uniforms and are holding various tools and equipment, showcasing their readiness to tackle any lawn care task. The Apex Lawns logo is prominently displayed on the side of the trailer, highlighting the company's commitment to providing quality services

Our Core Values


Integrity means fulfilling our promise no matter what it costs us. If we have to stay longer than expected, that’s on us. If we make a mistake, we tell you and make it right.


Dedication means understanding how to deliver our promise. Investing in the right tools, people, and systems to get the job done right.


Reliability means we arrive when we say we will, do the job as agreed upon, and pick up the phone when you call. A reliable partner is one you can always trust.


Pride means taking pride in a job well done. We love looking at a yard or storefront and knowing our customer is going to love what they see.

How We Serve You

Flexible Custom Pricing

Your needs change with the seasons. We don’t lock you into a long contract and punish you if you change your mind. Our customers have the freedom to use our services in a variety of ways, and because we don’t require long term contracts we have to earn your business every time we show up. We believe this keeps us accountable and gives you a better customer experience.

We Focus On The Little Things

When you partner with us, we see you as a part of the family. We take meticulous notes for each client and make sure to follow them with each visit. Maybe you need us to use a particular entrance, make sure a gate always stays closed, wrangle your dog so he doesn’t attack the lawnmower. We accommodate and remember the little things that are BIG things for you.

We Take Care Of Our People

When the help you hire is satisfied and treated right, you always get better service. For us this means making sure our crews are paid well, taken care of during the slow season, and protecting them from unreasonable requests – like playing with live electrical wires. Yes, we get odd requests from time to time.

Our Service Area

If you’re not sure if you’re in our service area just give a call and we’ll confirm.