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Our goal is to help keep your Central Arkansas home or business looking great year-round. Maintaining a beautiful landscape takes planning, experience, and some sweat. Apex Lawns of Little Rock takes that burden off our customer’s hands so they can spend more time enjoying their landscape and less time worrying about maintenance. Although our primary focus is lawn care, we offer a number of landscaping services that can be requested as add-ons or one-off services.

Another beautiful mow in Chenal Valley Little Rock by Apex Lawn Care

Our Services

Lawn Care Services

Choose from weekly, or bi-weekly services. Every visit includes lawn mowing, edging, weed eating around buildings, and blowing hard services. We can mulch the clippings returning valuable nutrients into the soil or bag and remove them. Keeping a regular lawn mowing schedule is key to maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge and shrub trimming are important for the health of your hedges as well as their aesthetics. Typically we perform this service, depending on the species, in the spring or fall. We clean-up and bag all debris after every trimming. You can save on costs by combining your hedge trimming service with one of your lawn care visits.

Leaf Removal

Nothing takes away from the beauty and health of your landscape like piles of dead and rotting leaves. Our crews remove leaves fast, saving you from an afternoon of blowing, raking, and bagging. We can blow them into adjacent woods, mulch them into the turf, or bag and remove them from the property completely. Flexible pricing based on your budget or needs is available.

Ornamental Tree Pruning

We have the experience to prune and prepare your ornamental trees like Crepe Myrtles, Bradford Pears, and others for maximum production. For example, if your Crepe Myrtles are overgrown we cut them back in February and ensure a prolific blooming season in the spring.

Flower Bed Weeding

Weeds are always a pain, especially when they propagate in places where the weed eater can’t go, like flower beds. We hand-pick weeds and pull them by the root to ensure they don’t come back. Over time you’ll see a significant difference in weed presence with our hand-weeding services. You can save on costs by combining your weeding service with one of your lawn care visits.

Dethatching / Scalping / Aeration

Dethatching removes the excess layers of thatch to allow more nutrients, air, and water to reach the soil. Scalping cuts your grass to a low level to remove the dormant and straw color portion of the grass blade and expose the soil to more sunlight. Aeration takes small plugs of soil from your lawn so more nutrients, air, and water can reach your lawn’s root system.

Plant Removal & Installation

If you have some older plants you’d like to replace, we have you covered. We’ll remove the old plant and install the new plants giving them the best chance to thrive and survive. This service includes planting your annual flowers and perennial plants.

Mulch Installation

Mulch adds beauty to your landscape, keeps in moisture, and minimizes weeds. We deliver and install multiple colors and types of much. Save time and money by letting us pick it up, deliver, and install it on the same day.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

If you have hydrangeas, camellias, and knock-out roses these plants will need some special care in the late winter to set them up for success in the spring and summer months. We go plant by plant and hand trim them. We also remove dead perennial plant matter, dead ferns that have overgrown, and prepare your beds for new plantings.

General Maintenance

Outside of lawn care and landscaping services, we love to help out with all the extras. This can include moving plants from your deck for the winter and moving them back for the spring to moving patio furniture to replacing landscape lighting. It’s the little things that matter, and we’re always ready and willing to lend an extra hand if we can.